ficha artistica

MIRAR MUCHO TIEMPO TUS VALLES (Long Look at Your Valleys) isn’t a dance piece. Neither is it a text based piece.

MIRAR MUCHO TIEMPO TUS VALLES is what remains when words and contact are not enough. In this spiral of frustration and reproach, feelings can only be expressed through the body.

MIRAR MUCHO TIEMPO TUS VALLES tries to decode the intimate universe of people that love each other, and suffer for doing so. The work consists of transforming this idea into physical metaphors, putting in movement the internal world of the characters. Of creating a palette of images, positions, movements and choreographies that represent the desolate insides of the characters. The text and the physical actions are inextricably linked, neither existing without the presence of each other, and serving the purpose of transmitting a frustrating intimacy to the audience. As a result, words are not essential to understanding the piece.