MIRAR MUCHO TIEMPO TUS VALLES (Long Look at Your Valleys) was created after a meeting with Angélica Liddell in London in 2008. The author allows parts of her original text to be used to create a new one, in which we hear fragments of text from Charles Baudelaire and Heiner Müller, as well as from the director of the play, Juan Ollero.

The project entered into the Old Vic Theatre 503 Award. Although this is a competition primarily for English texts, MIRAR MUCHO TIEMPO TUS VALLES was selected as a finalist. Members of the judging panel, associates of the Old Vic Theatre, offered their support and collaborated with BemficaSentado.

MIRAR MUCHO TIEMPO TUS VALLES opened in London in April 2009.
Subtitled Long Look at Your Valleys, the piece was performed in Spanish in front of a non Spanish speaking audience.


- Southwark Playhouse, June 2009. London, UK
- The Space, August 2009. London,UK
- Candem People’s Theatre, August 2009. London, UK
- Centre Danse Mouvement Image Vendetta Mathea-La Manufacture (Festival de Teatro de Aurillac) August 2009. Aurillac, France.