The author Julián Fuentes Reta expressed his consent to start a research beyond his text.
El mar is an abstract physical theatre stage proposal that researches into the tragic and its materialisation based on the hero’s figure.
This performance is neither closed nor finished. The permanent search is of the play’s essence; it changes each time and in each place, depending on the development of the research.


Selected to participate in the Progetto Mediterraneo, a festival organized by Piccolo Teatro di Milano and the UTE (Union des Théatres de l’Europe)


A man entered a space. He stopped and looked around. He then looked at the infinite. It seemed he stayed there for a long time. Just like that. He stared at the infinite. Motionless. He then broke into a pace and departed in the opposite direction he had entered.
Five persons are heroes. They are locked up in a theatre and are suspended in a liquid time.
The tragedy of the man, alone with his existence.
The tragedy of the infinite, alone with its existence.
The tragedy of the man and the infinite.

El mar tells the story of the distance between them.
And the journey. Theatre. The wind. Weariness. War drumming. The void. Cold and fear.
The stillness of being.

El mar is the attempt to bring the infinite into the theatre.
The voyage through the man and despite him.

Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Aegisthus, Menelaus, Odysseus and Cassandra walk serene along the stage.

We have asked ourselves who are we. What are we doing here. Why are we here.
We have asked ourselves what theatre is.
Far and away, shouts from the crowd of Troy.
And the sea, indeed.